Gilbert Window Treatments, Shutters and Blinds

If you feel that your home is missing a personal touch, take a good look at your windows. A window without quality treatments is naked, and adding the right treatments can elevate your home’s interior from so-so to spectacular. At Window Pro, we specialize in giving homes in Gilbert blinds and shutters that bring out the best in their interior decor.

Your Satisfaction Comes First

As a locally owned and operated business, we want to help our neighbors fall in love with their homes all over again. We founded our business on service excellence and have spent almost a decade in the industry developing an eye for quality and design. Over the past five years, we have installed an astonishing $10 million dollars worth of window treatments, and we take the time and energy to do things right the first time. Our work is not finished until you are completely satisfied.

Our window treatments are built for more than basic protection from the sun. Each piece is made from high quality materials to maximize energy efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal. Many of our products are made locally, and we stand behind them with either complete or limited lifetime warranties. No matter what size or shape your windows, we can find the right solution for you.

Home Beautification

Think of your home as the face of your family. Your windows are the eyes into your family’s soul, and shutters and blinds are the lashes and brows that frame the warmth within. Our blinds and shutters can give your Gilbert home a kiss of elegance matched only by their effortless functionality. We carry an incredible range of materials, finishes and decorative options that allow you to express your family’s lifestyle no matter what your budget.

Our premier sunscreening improves your view both inside and out. Choose from five neutral shades to match your home’s exterior, and rest assured they will keep looking great for years to come. Our Suntex screening is mold- and mildew-resistant and cleans up with just soap and water. Optimal sun blocking power helps protect your furnishings from fading without sacrificing the view out your windows.

Comfort and Energy Savings

The one of the most important functions of window treatments is protection from the elements. Summer temperatures in Gilbert can shoot up as high as 120 degrees, and winter lows can dip below freezing. Window treatments help shield your home from the blistering sun and keep warmth inside when the weather gets chilly. Your family can be cozy and comfortable all year long.

Quality window treatments can protect your wallet, too. According to the US Department of Energy, up to 20% of your home’s annual energy loss is attributable to your windows. Our Suntex window screening is designed to block, reflect and dissipate up to 90% of the sun’s sweltering rays. Combined with the added insulating effects of our other window treatments, your investment will make a dent in your energy bills while helping your home look its best.

Choosing Your Window Treatments

Once you have decided to invest in quality window treatments, you have another big choice ahead of you. Blinds and shutters each have unique features and a distinctive look. Blinds tend to be the less expensive of the two options. Because they fold up and away, they are often the best choice for windows in tight spaces like dormers. They also compliment complex and heavy draperies while offering more control over light and privacy levels than drapes alone.

Shutters are a popular choice for contemporary design and add more value to your home than blinds. They are more durable, block out more light and can be fitted with locks for added home security. Some of our wood composite shutters are also eligible for our Shutters Express program. We can deliver certain colors and sizes to you in just two weeks.

Choosing Materials

Our blinds and shutters come in a number of different materials to fit different styles, budgets, maintenance levels and installation deadlines. In blinds, you can choose between the richness of natural wood and longevity of faux wood. Natural wood is a good choice when you want the glow of wood without the price tag of wood shutters. Our faux wood is made from textured PVC that is crack-, fade- and warp-resistant. It is an economical choice that puts bland, aluminum blinds to shame.

In shutters, you have the choice between wood, wood composite and PVC. Wood is unsurpassed in its Old World elegance, and we treat ours with a patented process to help them resist warping. Our wood composite is made from resilient fiberboard that gives you the look of natural wood on a budget. PVC is a fantastic choice for families with children and pets. It offers maximum durability while giving you the luxurious look of shutters.

Made for Your Home

There is a special kind of pride that comes from telling your friends and family that you have custom window treatments. Because our window treatments are handcrafted, we can fit many of our blinds, shutters and sunscreening to any window. We can handle arches, French doors, picture windows and awkward sizes. Each custom touch will make your home stand out from the crowd, and a proper fit will help improve the lifespan of your investment.

All of our blinds and shutters can be customized with decorative options. With our blinds, you can choose from up to 20 different finishes and add details like crown valances, fabric taping and tile cut-outs. Our shutters come in numerous finishes with features like decorative casings and your choice of hinge finishes. We can even blend custom paint colors to flawlessly match your decor.

When quality counts, Window Pro is your best choice for window treatments in Gilbert. Our specialists can help you choose the style, materials and finishes you need to make your home shine. Give your home the finishing touches it needs and your family the comfort they deserve. Call us today for more information.